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About Cyann

Cyann Ribeiro is a multifaceted talent hailing from Somerville, Massachusetts, now shining bright in Los Angeles. Her journey from a talkative child with a vivid imagination to a published author, acclaimed actor, and voice-over artist showcases her unwavering spirit and dedication. Cyann's early affinity for storytelling and poetry laid the groundwork for her debut memoir, "Driven; From Love and War to Poetry," a raw and inspiring reflection on love, loss, and resilience. Amidst a thriving career in commercials and voice-over, Cyann faced and triumphed over HER2+ breast cancer, a battle she bravely shares in her book "She's Too Positive." Today, Cyann continues to captivate audiences with her performances while inspiring many with her story of courage and positivity.


Passionate Storyteller

Cyann's literary contributions are a testament to her extraordinary journey. Her first book, "Driven; From Love and War to Poetry," dives into the depths of heartbreak and the healing power of poetry. Following this, "She's Too Positive" chronicles her valiant fight against breast cancer, emphasizing the strength found in positivity and the indomitable human spirit. Both works are not just narratives but beacons of hope and resilience, encouraging readers to find beauty in adversity.

Driven: From Love & War To Poetry

Dive into Cyann's debut memoir, a raw and riveting exploration of heartbreak, healing, and the poetic beauty that binds them.

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eBook, Paperback

She's Too Positive

Experience the resilience in her battle against HER2+ breast cancer, a story imbued with humor, hope, and the undying power of positivity.

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eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

Commercial Portfolio

Watch Her Work

With over 45 national commercials to her name, Cyann Ribeiro has become a recognizable face in the advertising world. Her versatility and charisma on screen have made her a favorite among brands, showcasing everything from lifestyle products to major tech companies. Cyann's commercial portfolio highlights her dynamic range as an actor and her ability to connect with viewers, making each advertisement memorable.

Commercial Acting Coaching

Empower Your Commercial Acting Journey

Leveraging her extensive experience in commercials, Cyann offers personalized coaching services for aspiring actors. Her approach combines industry insights with a focus on mental well-being, helping clients navigate the challenges of commercial acting. From audition techniques to on-camera presence, Cyann's coaching empowers individuals to achieve their full potential in the competitive world of advertising.


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