Driven: From Love & War To Poetry

A journey through love, loss, and the transformative power of poetry, revealing how words can heal and bring light to the darkest times.


Cyann Ribeiro
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Cyann Ribeiro’s Driven: From Love and War to Poetry is a compelling journey of emotional and creative transformation. This book delves into the heart of its author, charting a course through the tumultuous seas of love, loss, and self-reclamation. Ribeiro uses both poetry and prose to lay bare her soul, presenting readers with a tapestry of experiences that range from the ecstatic highs of love to the desolate lows of heartbreak. It’s a narrative that doesn’t just recount events but dives deep into the emotional whirlpool that comes with navigating relationships, personal growth, and the quest for happiness.

Ribeiro’s move from Boston to Los Angeles marks a pivotal shift in her life, not just geographically but also in her internal landscape. This transition symbolizes her relentless pursuit of dreams and the shedding of past constraints. Through her writing, she embarks on a path of self-discovery and healing, illustrating the power of words to both wound and heal. Her dedication to empowering women who have faced similar trials weaves a thread of solidarity and hope throughout the book. Ribeiro’s story is more than just a personal account; it’s a beacon for anyone seeking to find their own strength, voice, and worth amidst life’s chaos.


Cyann Ribeiro


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About the Author

Cyann Ribeiro

Cyann Ribeiro's life is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of storytelling. Raised in the heart of Massachusetts, her early life in Somerville, just outside Boston, laid the foundation for a journey marked by expression, adversity, and triumph. Cyann's penchant for storytelling and poetry, nurtured through her school years, evolved alongside her vibrant career in modeling and acting, reflecting a multifaceted talent that thrives in the spotlight of both creativity and adversity.

Her move to Los Angeles not only broadened her career in the entertainment industry, capturing over 45 national commercials, but also deepened her engagement with health, fitness, and mental well-being. This period of exploration and growth took a dramatic turn in 2017, leading to the publication of her first book, "Driven; From Love and War to Poetry," a memoir that encapsulates her journey through love, loss, and the healing power of poetry.

In 2022, Cyann faced a formidable challenge—battling and overcoming HER2+ breast cancer. This experience, far from dampening her spirit, fueled her second book, "She's Too Positive," a narrative that intertwines the pain of illness with the power of positivity, resilience, and an unwavering determination to thrive against the odds. This story, rich with honesty, vulnerability, and humor, serves not only as a beacon of hope for those facing similar battles but also as a reminder of the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

Cyann's journey, marked by creativity, resilience, and an undying positivity, continues to inspire and influence, reflecting a life lived fully, with every challenge met with grace and every achievement shared with the world. Her books are not just stories; they are invitations to find strength, embrace positivity, and live life with an open heart and unyielding courage.

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